Our services in Wechat messenger (Weixin 微信):

1. We can help to make for you Wechat shop or Weidian Shop
Wechat Shop = 4900 rmb (registration of Wechat service official account, setup, and 5 products)
You should have chinese company with bank account.
Weidian Shop = 2500 rmb (registration, setup and 5 products)
A mandatory requirement that you have a Chinese UnionPay Bank card issued in China.
More info there: www.wechat-help.com
Wechat store is created in the web interface on the computer or from phone.
Here are some pictures of Wechat store of our customer:

2. We can help to make Wechat official account (Цена 3500 rmb)

Wechat OA allows to collect subscribers and send them messages.

There are 2 kinds of Wechat official account, more information:  www.wechat-help.com

We have web-site with full information about our Wechat services – www.wechat-help.com

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