We can make Taobao shop in platform TAOBAO.
Start price 6000 rmb.
The price includes: registration, setup, design and content 5 products.
Additionally, Taobao takes 1000 rmb Deposit and 1000 rmb for the domain like: name.taobao.com
Plus Taobao also offers a paid design template for the store (but it’s optional).
Taobao shop is issued only to you. Not some other people!!!
It is understood that you should have verified Alipay account.
If no Alipay yet, then you definitely need to have a Chinese Bank card issued in China.
Service for registration and verification of Alipay – paid!
Attention! If 5 weeks in the shop Taobao there was no purchase – then Taobao shop is removed!!!
Below, work from our portfolio: drpatex.taobao.com

Please send your request in the form below or by email: info@promo-in-china.com

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