Registration and promotion in the Chinese b2b b2c portals
1. Assistance in registration of foreign companies in the Chinese B2B B2C sites as a seller
First of all you must understand that you at least need to have a Chinese Bank card issued in China.
Or Chinese company with bank account! Also important its to have goods in stock in Guangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing!
Wechat Weidian shop (> 2500 rmb
Aliexpress shop (> 1000 rmb + very big deposit)
Taobao shop (> 6000 rmb) There more info
alibaba, 1688 (> 9000 rmb)
Tmall shop (> 21000 rmb + very big deposit around 100k rmb)
and more than 20 major Chinese sites platforms to sell your goods and services!
2. The promotion of Chinese B2B B2C C2C platforms
Purchase paid packages, targeted advertising, banners etc.

The price of comprehensive promotion in the Chinese portals starts from 5000 rmb.
Please send your request in the form below or email:

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