Paid help with the Chinese payment systems Alipay, Wechat wallet
1. Paid consultation about Wechat messenger
Registration, how to register, setup and use Wechat wallet
How to link chinese bank card
How to make Wechat official account (we can make for price 3500 rmb
How to open Wechat shop (we can make for price 2500 rmb
2. Paid consultation about Alipay Wallet
How to register and use Alipay Wallet (you should hav chinese bank card issued in China)
How to make verification of Alipay
3. Payment system UnionPay
Assistance in obtaining debit cards in China – in fact it is just a service of interpreter in Guangzhou, and not as some think we are on other people’s cards do and sell.
Help in online banking of Chinese banks.
4. Other chinese payment systems
QQ money – QQ wallet. We offer registration, verification, setup, add wallet.
Yoopay – payment service for your website with API
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