Context advertising on chinese search engine Baidu
– managing your budget (your budget should be from 5000 RMB per month)
– launch advertising company in Baidu (to chinese citizen or chinese company)
– Analytics search queries in Baidu (price > 500 rmb for 25 request)
– making key words (price > 500 rmb for 25 words)
– drafting ads
– optimization of the advertising company in Baidu (if you order our services from 2 months)
Basictypes context advertising in Baidu:
– advertising in web-site Baidu
– banner advertising Brand Zone (very expensive)
– advertising in Baidu Maps
– advertising in mobile version Baidu for smartphones
We work with budgets from 5000 rmb. Baidu allows you to Deposit at least 5000 rmb. The cost of our services is minimum of 20% of your budget for contextual advertising. For example, 1000 rmb our services + 5000 rmb to the balance for Baidu advertising company.
Pre-selection of keywords, analysis of keywords – price from 1000 yuan (includes 25 words)
Baidu (百度) occupies 84% market share in China, but in addition it also has a popular search engine 360 Search (360搜索) with 11% market share and smaller search engines Soso search engine (搜搜) and Sohu’s Sogou (搜狗搜索).
So if you need a complete is using all the tools, we know what to do.
Send your request for contextual advertising in China in the form below or by email:

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